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Dog Food….How do you know which one is right?

August 20, 2014

There is alot of information regarding dog food and it is sometimes hard to know if what you are feeding your pet is the best that you can do for them. Here is an article about how to grade your dog food. I hope this helps answer your questions. These are just some of the […]

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The 20 Most Important Facts Dog Lovers in the Humor Group Must Never Forget!

April 9, 2014

The last one brought me to tears… Dogs are so loyal that they love us no matter what we do. But if we want to provide the best life possible to these wonderful animals, we have to remember they have complex thoughts and feelings, too. Here are 20 that we must never forget. Don’t be […]

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Top Three Tips for National Puppy Day

Top Three Tips for National Puppy Day

March 21, 2014

Today, March 21, is National Puppy Day! This adorable holiday was created to celebrate the unconditional love of puppies, as well as to educate the public about the cruel puppy mill industry. Here are our top tips for celebrating National Puppy Day, whether you’re looking to add a new furry family member or not! 1. Figure […]

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